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Southern Country Magazine, was an every day story of country music folk on the UK scene.

The Magazine was in its 36th year and we dedicated its pages to the furtherance of live country music in the UK. But sadly due to lack of support from our Country Music people the Magazine ceased publication after the June 2014 edition. With times as they are, there were a lot of acts who have given in to the temptation to use modern technology and often what you hear is not what you see! However, take heart, there are some very good live bands around, including our multi-award winning Tom Williams Band, and the Garry Blackmore Band, twice Club Choice Award winners Gone Country, as well as excellent bands like The Swing Commanders, Henry Smith's Country Dreams, West Virginia,  Hayley Oliver, Martin Ruddy Band, Capricorn, Joe D Rose Band, First Chapter, Ridgeway Country, Ian Highland and Twilight Country & Gary Perkins & the Breeze to name a few.


There are many types of country music fan, those who like to sit and listen in concert, those who like to ballroom dance, incorporating two step and West Coast swing or do freestyle bopping, those who like to Western Partner or Line Dance, and those who like to dress Western, and do shoot outs, and displays for charity. We get visited by some of the top US and Irish stars, but mostly are served by our own loyal musicians and singers who do a grand job of bringing the latest country hits into the club and festival scene as well as keeping the old songs alive. We also get visited by European artists and some of the lesser known but just as well loved Americans.


The magazine contained letters, general country music news, artiste news, radio news, album reviews, Country Hot disc Top 40, plus festival, club and theatre reviews, many advertisements featuring artistes, all manner of products and events, as well as recording studios etc. and dances for those who want to learn to dance. The big interest was for the extensive gig guide covering over 400 clubs and venues. Southern Country Magazine, was an every day story of country music folk on the UK scene.

This web site will remain active as we will still be holding our Annual Show at the Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green Surrey on the first Sunday of February each year and details will be posted here as soon as the show and the artists have been confirmed.

See Events Link for details of our next show

Southern Country Magazine is aimed at promoting country music in Southern England. All articles and advertisements are published in good faith and we cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies or misrepresentations in either the publication or this web site.

Our final front cover June 2014